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  1. Pepsi Max Monster Truck Played 4 643
  2. Uphill Vegas Played 3 576
  3. London Bus Parking 2 Played 3 139
  4. GP Racing Madness Played 2 941

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  1. Heavy Machines Played 2 700
  2. Bomb Transport 2 Played 2 581
  3. 18 Wheels Driver 2 Played 2 751
  4. Double Pursuit Played 2 660

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4 Seasons Easy Truck

4 Seasons Easy Truck, Drive your truck and collect stars until you reach the ...

(Played: 499)

4 Wheel Madness

4 wheel Madness truck is a smash driving game, Get your 4-wheel passed all th...

(Played: 833)

4 Wheel Madness 2.5

4 Wheel Madness 2.5 game, Try to finish ahead of your opponent in this awesom...

(Played: 587)

4 Wheel Madness 3

4 Wheel Madness 3, The ultimate truck racing game! Up: Move Forward Down: Mov...

(Played: 688)

4x4 Madness

4x4 Madness, Drive 4x4 monster truck through the crazy levels. The game has 1...

(Played: 716)

4x4 Monster

4x4 Monster, Balance your monster truck through many obstacles.

(Played: 623)

Alp Truck

Alp Truck, Choose your car and race up and down the hills in the different le...

(Played: 612)

Big Rider

Big Rider, is Monster Truck racing game. The aim is to get over all the obsta...

(Played: 592)

Big Truck Adventures

Big Truck Adventures, The objective of the game is to finish the levels while...

(Played: 482)

Big Truck Adventures 3

Big Truck Adventures 3, In this third installment of the series, you drive an...

(Played: 459)

Box10 Monster Racers

Monster Racers, is a real fun racing game that test your skill to the top lev...

(Played: 639)

Buggy Madness

Buggy Madness, If crushing cars, overcoming obstacles, and riding BIG is your...

(Played: 591)

Bush Rampage

Bush Rampage, Bush unleashes the ultimate American weapon: The Tilty Truck! S...

(Played: 571)

Chaos Racer

Chaos Racer, A lonely adventure-seeker travels in his 4x4 off-road vehicle th...

(Played: 643)

Cosmic Wheels

Cosmic Wheels is space monster truck racing game. You are is special mission ...

(Played: 1,680)

Crazy Driving

Crazy Driving, The goal of this game is to complete all the levels in minimum...

(Played: 732)

Crazy Mustang

Crazy Mustang, Get in your High wheels mustang and trample over cars and big ...

(Played: 652)

Crazy Mustang 2

Crazy Mustang 2, The Mustang Monster truck is back again. Hop in and Jump ove...

(Played: 643)

Crazy Ride

Crazy Ride, Power through the levels and try to collect all the letters in yo...

(Played: 698)

Crazy Ride 2

Crazy Ride 2 game, Crazy ride is back with wicked truck and even more devilis...

(Played: 618)

Crazy SUV

Crazy SUV game, SUV is the combination of fashion and sport. The SUV is so po...

(Played: 631)

Crazy Truck

Crazy Truck, a free online game from Driving | Racing Games. Try to finish th...

(Played: 678)

Demolish Truck

Demolish Truck, Drive your truck, collect the stars, destroy cars and try to ...

(Played: 623)

Demolish Truck 2

Demolish Truck 2, Drive your truck, collect all the stars, trash the other ca...

(Played: 587)

Desert Monster

Desert Monster, Choose your monster truck then race through desert, avoiding ...

(Played: 814)

Dominator Truck

Dominator Truck, Drive your dominator truck throw 5 different levels over fig...

(Played: 562)

Extreme 4X4 Racer

Extreme 4X4 Racer, Costumisez your gear then you go on missions in extremely...

(Played: 595)

Extreme Trucks 1

Extreme Trucks 1, The monster trucks have returned. Drive them through water,...

(Played: 625)

Extreme Trucks 2

Extreme Trucks 2, They are bigger, faster, stronger! Test out the new red whe...

(Played: 576)

Extreme Trucks 3

Extreme Trucks 3, The third version of the Extreme Trucks series brings spect...

(Played: 616)

Fire Truck Masters

Fire Truck Masters, Reach the end of each level to put out a fire from a burn...

(Played: 511)

Fire Truck Masters 2

Fire Truck Masters 2, Drive the fire truck over obstacles in the fastest time...

(Played: 459)

Grand Truck

Grand Truck, Drive the Truck safely to the Finish Line in each level without ...

(Played: 588)

Heavy Truck

Heavy Truck, Driving military big truck equiped by various heavy weapon on ex...

(Played: 650)

Jump Racer

Jump Racer, Launch your monster-truck over the ramp. Successfully jump on you...

(Played: 678)

Jungle Truck

Jungle Truck, Drive through the jungle in your jungle truck and collect the g...

(Played: 544)

Killer Trucks

Play Killer Trucks, Apocalypse has hit the city but the police have left you ...

(Played: 690)

Mad Truck

Mad Truck, Drive & balance your monster truck as its power is limited. Drive ...

(Played: 530)

Maniac Truck

Maniac Truck, The objective of the game is to reach to the end of the level i...

(Played: 513)

Micro Trux

Micro Trux - feature's tracks based on household settings. Various Micro Trux...

(Played: 565)

Micro Trux 2

Micro Trux 2 - Takes micro trux to a whole new world, Paradise Island, make y...

(Played: 607)

Military Monstertruck

Military Monstertruck - You are in the middle of a war zone and its time to g...

(Played: 522)

Mini Monster Challenge

Mini Monster Challenge - another racing game, 10 Vehicles, 24 short challenge...

(Played: 656)

Mini Monster Challenge 2

Mini Monster Challenge 2 - Has returned with some fantastic new challenges a...

(Played: 556)

Monsta Truk

Monsta Truk - Pick a truck then use the arrow keys to control and power your ...

(Played: 502)

Monster Bus Rampage

Monster Bus Rampage - Monster bus game will force you to drive the big bus ac...

(Played: 701)

Monster Hummer

Monster Hummer - Race your favourite Hummer on challenging mountain tracks.To...

(Played: 603)

Monster Jack

Monster Jack - Drive over the hills. Be very careful and you can win every st...

(Played: 567)

Monster Jam Destruction

Monster Jam Destruction - This is a monster truck game full of smashing actio...

(Played: 529)

Monster Jump

Monster Jump - This is an action packed thriller , and has been designed for ...

(Played: 722)